Packaging your Expertise in a Tiny Product


November 18, 2020

I was listening to the $100 MBA Podcast about How to Easily Create a Small Information Product. I really like the idea of building a tiny product in under 12 hours of work to get experience making something and building success in small steps.

Their basic premise is it’s really easy to create a simple product that let’s you share your expertise to help people make a small transformation:

Then you can easily use Gumroad for fulfilment, even for a free product. This is what Sacha Chua used for her excellent No-Excuses Guide to Blogging, and as a buyer it was excellent (and I actually paid for it).

Example Tiny Products

What are some very small products I could create?

  • Create a dataset with Common Crawl/Internet Archive
  • Setting up a Kaggle-like framework for data science iteration
  • Using Fasttext in production
  • Finding words that are associated with an outcome
  • Diff testing
  • Dynamic Rollup Tables with Hyperloglog
  • Smart questions for stakeholders when starting an analytics project
  • Quickstart to community detection
  • Easy deployment for machine learning models

I’m not sure whether I will do any of these, but I could create something for each of them in a week.